From €550 per week

Sivota Bay Villas

  • 6 Guests,
  • 2 Bathrooms, 3 Bedrooms,
  • Private Pool, Outside BBQ & seating area.
The modern architecture, elegant design, sophisticated decor of homes and modern amenities, offer high quality services, and harmony with nature and the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.
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Welcome to Sivota Bay Villas Greece

We have 4 luxurious villas situated just over the beautiful harbour of Sivota bay overlooking the Ionian Sea.

Luxury Villas in Lefkada ( Sivota )

The breathtaking view to the famous islands of Ithaca, Atokos, Arkoudi bathed in the turquoise water, the summer sun, the History of the place; what a splendid way to spend your holidays! All around Lefkada there is plenty of places for sports activities, nature exploration or historical visits. Stay in one of the best villas in Lefkada, Greece. You have to be there…


  • Sivota is the nicest natural harbour and one of the most picturesque fishing village in whole Ionion.
  • Only the southeastern part of Lefkada has the benefit of the breathtaking views of the many nearby islands.
  • Sivota is almost always calm compared to the windy north and western part of Lefkada.
  • Many of the famous Lefkada beaches are only twenty minutes drive.



  • Our villas in Sivota are newly built with Ionian architecture and luxury in mind.
  • Family friendly landscape, private pool, convenient location.
  • The gardens are surrounded by a virgin olive tree landscape.
  • Being close to Sivota Harbour its easy to take advantage of small boat excursions to the nearby islands.

No other villas in Lefkada have the unique advantage of offering this magnificent view and being so close to the village. It is only 10 minutes walking distance ( 1 km ) where you can find many bars, tavernas, souvenirs and watch the never ending come and go of the numerous yachts.


You can read more about our Villas and find out why a place like Lefkada should be on the top of your to-do list for your next holiday destination.